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Kudos from our satisfied Landscape, Design and Consultation clients: 

"Nature is loved by what is best in us . . ."
Ralph Waldo Emerson


• ”Phyllis and Stephen Fisher have spread their blessings in my garden, and it does offer me peace and smiles. They listened carefully to my goals and then used their creative magic to render a garden I never could have imagined on my own. Benjamin can render sculptures to both begin and complete a project. Plan to be surprised and tremendously pleased!." Va


• ”WOW!!!!!  Gardening Smiles for sure! 
We really love what you have planned for our garden.
It will be so beautiful and different.  Love what you have done and really like how the new carries the "theme" on.    This yard is making us happy to be in it again."

Garden thanks so much,
Jim and Elizabeth


• ”Our front yard is gorgeous!
We absolutely Love Love Love the Landscape and Design you created for us!" The Madigan's


• ”I like the work you are doing very much." Bonnie H


• ”We are SO HAPPY with the new addition to the garden.  It looks SO beautiful.
Thank you so much!" The Maples


• ”We want to thank you all for all you do for us! ” LB


• ”You don't have to look for a designer and a horticulturist and a landscape contractor when you work with FLDC (Fisher Landscape Design & Consultation because they have all the experience needed to create a landscape only dreams behold with the attention and care of artists as well as caring horticultural and landscape professionals.” YBJ


• ”Asian Inspired Garden:
We are 100% thrilled with the design and landscape you (Fisher Landscape Design & Consultation) created for us. Now after over a year from our garden's installation, the maintenance is perfect for our lifestyle and the view of our Asian Garden continues to inspire us each and every time we see and work in the garden.” V


• SPRING: ”Enjoying yard...Asters are blooming now!  I have gardening smiles :-)” PP


• ”"Wow! (Fisher Landscape Design & Consultation) This is much more than I expected, Thank you, now I want to do even more.” B Howell


• ”The boulders and stonework look great! ” J and E


• ”The new garden is being enjoyed by more than just us.  There is a cardinal nest in the new camellia with three beautiful blue eggs!
May I add that it such a delight to be working out in our beautiful new yard. 
Thanks again for this wonderful beauty to enjoy!” EM


• ”Once again, thank you (for my beautiful flowers) that I can enjoy viewing from inside and outside my home." SK


• ”From all the landscapers in this area we chose Fisher Landscape Design & Consultation because you do it all; design, plan, custom stone and carpentry with the horticulture experience we are looking for.” Mae


• "Thanks so much for fitting me into your busy schedule for custom maintenance.
My garden grows more lovely every year thanks to your (design and landscape) work and creativity.” Chris


• Comments on our booth at the 2015 North Florida Home Show:
”It is amazing what you have done in this 10'x10' area and I cannot wait to see what you do in my yard.” Mr E.


• ”We come from the North and…we love that northern look. We are living in FL now and didn't know you could get Florida to look soo good! Thank you FLDC. Your Befores and Afters are amazing!” Beth and George


• ”Improve the quality of your life in all you do and include a landscape with plants that resonate nature's song, a design with a landscape and hardscape that inspires, relaxing with beautiful sounds of water and maintenance that is designed for your lifestyle, a garden just for you, for every season all the year long.
We did! Thank you, Fisher Landscape Design & Consultation.”  B and M


”Just wanted to say how much we love all the new plants. We are so excited and so look forward to seeing it all together.” J&EM


• ”I was thoroughly impressed with the amount of horticulture knowledge you shared at my landscape initial meeting and consultation.” Diane L


• ”The new landscape is looking so good. Exciting!
The stonework is gorgeous. I really love the way it fits in the space and looks so especially designed for the area. I thought I knew what our landscape was going to look like from your thourogh explanation and pictures but it is so much more then I expected and imagined. It (the new landscape) makes me happy.” EM


• ”Just love what (the landscape) you are doing…out in the yard.
The landscape and plant selection are so neat.  More gingers are putting out (spring regenerating) now. They are so different.  Just love the astilbe (the school gave me). Someone asked today if I was enjoying my garden and new plants. My answer: YES!”   Elizabeth 


"Our thanks to Steve (Fisher Landscape Design and Consultation) and your organization for the time and consultation this morning. This was very valuable to us and certainty reinforced our trust in your company to do our landscaping initiatives." Ron B


"Many thanks for your persistence and hard work in finding our irrigation problem and correcting it." S Barlow PhD


"The landscape you (Fisher Landscape Design and Consultation) designed and installed is amazing and better yet you made it possible by helping us find the problem of too much water and poor drainage that would not allow healthy plants to grow. Thank you for our lovely garden." GF


"Thanks so much for your help this summer with custom maintenance. We continue to get compliments on your lovely landscape work." Dawn P


Our client called to say:
"The new garden is looking beautiful! Oh my gosh, the stonework is off the scale, I love it all!
You all are doing such a great job."


Our client called to say:
" I have had Fisher Landscape Design & Consultation do my landscape projects in phases over 5 years now.
The Agapanthus, Japanese Azaleas and Gardenia radican's look great (spring zone 8a) and that goes for everything else in the landscape! You did such a fabulous job putting all the plants in the right places. My garden gets better every season and looks as good as ever! Thank you for a garden that gives me enjoyment everyday."
Chris Johnson


A Friends of Maclay Gardens and Garden Tour participant called to say:
" We wanted to know if another one of your gardens was on the Tour of Gardens this year and also wanted to thank you for the glorious botanical inspiration


We landscaped before an important function and this is what our client said:
" Our guests
will not want to come in to see my beautifully painted base boards, etc. because your artwork (landscape) in our front yard will not let them leave. They'll just be standing and staring outside, like we are doing. Well, they'll get hungry and eventually come inside." VF

Our clients are adorable!


"During the recent North Florida Home Show in Tallahassee, it was a pleasure to meet and chat with you. I find it rare to encounter a family entirely devoted to creative enterprises, such as creative and natural horticultural services, ...and applying creativity with horticulture.
Your collective creativity designing healing gardens resonates with my encounter with the many doulas and midwives and others who view the garden either as a sanctuary or as a source of herbs for treating illness as well as balms to aid labor and postpartum. During my international birthplace research, I encountered midwives who cultivate herbs into the birthplace, for instance, in such far flung places as Taos, Holland, and Cambridge, England."
David Rodgers (Artist, Interior/Landscape Designer


"We were so impressed with your (Fisher Landscape Design & Consultation) thorough landscape consultation and have enjoyed the landscape planning process." Marion G.


"We chose Fisher Landscape Design & Consultation because there is a remarkable way they attend to landscaping. We felt we were getting the help we need by artists." BF


"The gas fire feature that you (Fisher Landscape Design & Consultation) designed and build was the centerpiece of our holiday activities. Thank you for a family and party outdoor hit!" R. G.


"I just love driving up to my newly landscaped front is much more then I expected! Thank you." Gail S


"Thank you so much, you guys take great care of me." CJ


"Our new landscaped entrance, gate and lighting are absolutely beautiful, We love it!
And we are getting so many compliments." SS


"We are so happy to let you know that our garden is one of the featured landscapes on the Maclay's Annual Tour of Gardens this year and we wanted to invite you to be here on Saturday, May 18th to take credit for all of your wonderful landscape, hardscape, and waterscape creativity! Our garden looks beautiful and we look forward to sharing it with all the Friends of Maclay Gardens." C and M


"Thank you for taking such good care of us. The landscape looks great!" Betty & Joel


"Hi...After our meeting yesterday Les and I are even more excited about our landscape project..." Pam


"Everything in the my yard looks great!" Chris


"Thank you for the valuable landscape and horticultural information and wonderful ideas and solutions at our landcape consultation." BA

"Thank you for the most beautiful 'North Carolina' water feature in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Bonnie


"I have enjoyed my relationship with you all and the landscape you have provided for me." PB


• "We just wanted to express our total satisfaction with the recent work we had done by Fisher Landscape Design and Consultation. After one of Tallahassee's famous afternoon heavy thunderstorms, two trees fell into our pool, damaging our shed and chain link fence. Within 24 hours of contacting the Fisher team, they were on the project, removing the trees from the pool, and within a week our shed was repaired (roof and siding), as well as the fence was fixed and looks brand new!! The work done by the Fisher Landscape was done in a timely and professional manner, and it was clear that the team takes pride in their work and pays close attention to every detail. We look forward to working with them again!!"! Mr. and Mrs. MP


"I cannot tell you how much I love what has been done with my yard; it has been a total transformation. I absolutely love pulling into my driveway everyday and seeing the beautiful landscaping, pottery, flowers and overall happiness that exudes from my yard as a result of your ideas, hard work, creativity and kindness. And I cannot thank you enough . . . however, I can convey to you that I smile everyday when I look into my yard and when I am at home, I am always surrounded by beauty. For that gift, I will be grateful to you forever." Love, Mrs. P


"We have got a lot of compliments on the back yard.  More importantly, we have enjoyed working out there and the harvest." Dr P


"Your web site is beautiful. I especially loved the before and after photos" :-) JJ


• "We are pleased beyond measure and had no idea it could be so beautiful. Thank you." LL


• "Wow, I love your web site." DL


• "Thanks! Everything looks beautiful!!!" CJ


• ”The transformation of my yard is unbelievable! Steve and Phyllis really know landscape, design and plants. They worked with my ideas and incorporated my favorite plants into an amazing design, even changing out plants on occasion to my liking. They did not cut corners on the size of plants nor in material used. In addition, a major plus was that Steve was here each and every time work was being done.

The enjoyment I now get from walking in my yard is uplifting and soothes my soul. I am looking forward to enlisting Fisher Landscape, Design and Consultation in future areas of my property.

Beautiful doesn't even begin to describe my landscape there is no word to do it justice. I LOVE IT! I find myself spending way too much time in my busy day just walking around and admiring all my new plants and the incredible way they go together with your artistic placement. Its truly the painting, you described." SH


• ”We had Fisher Landscape Design and Consultation do landscaping in our front and back yards. We could not be more pleased with the almost constant color in our yard. Seems there is always something in bloom. We get many compliments from people in the neighborhood and they often ask about the different plants. 

My husband and I have two small children, so we do not have a lot of time (or energy) to spend doing yard work. The best thing about our landscape is that it requires very little time to keep it looking great. Our children enjoy picking the edibles such as blueberries, tomatoes, strawberries, and oranges. They have even learned some of the plant names. The Fisher's have made our yards into inviting spaces for our whole family to enjoy.“ DP

• ”Looking out my window right now and loving what I see. I love, love, love, the new landscaping.“ SK


• ”A note to say a big. 'Thank You' … the grounds are like a Buddhist getaway for me… so peaceful, it is a nature meditation. There is a beautiful energy I enjoy…“ VFG


• ”Patio looks fabulous, its exactly what I wanted! Thanks so much.“ HF


• ”We love our new environment and know it is only going to continue to be even more lovely.  Thank you for all your creativeness, talents and effort to make it a very special and unique garden.“ CF


• ”Yard looks great—just in time for visitors! Thanks.“ MST

• "Thanks! For the beautiful work at the Healing Center. Many people have commented on the stonework and moss looking so well and giving a good feeling to the place. I love it"! AL

• "Thanks so much for the beautiful landscaping of my townhouse. You have transformed the courtyard and side yard into the most livable, enjoyable outdoor space I could have imagined. The curved stone path, stone bench and new plantings are so visually interesting, this has become my favorite “room” of the house. I appreciate how responsive you were to my own vision and preferences – and how your design ideas made the ultimate result even better.“ CJ

"New additions to our landscape are even more beautiful today!“ M


• "My gardening efforts over the last 10 years definitely made a difference – but your landscape ideas and creativity has taken it to a whole new level. Your thoughtfulness and attention to every detail is evident throughout. I'm so glad I sought your advice and services and look forward to completing the next two phases." Best regards. CJ


• "Amazing before and after!!! You are always welcome to stop by and see the changes in the yard. But I must warn you the fall light is extremely relaxing and you will require a nap in the gentle sun with the twittering birds with the gentle sound of the water bowl. (granite water feature)…“GW

• ”In my spare time I'm going to add a small seating area just to the side of the steps by the herbs to spend each morning enjoying the yard and nature. Maybe a little bench to sit and sip my coffee with gratitude each morning.? Oh and the lemons are ripening! I picked two one day and one disappeared-- when I asked G. he had peeled and eaten a whole one!
… I am avoiding going anywhere--its too crazy beautiful in the yard to go to town!!!" KW


• "Thanks for the update, and for the reminder to water. I will do that this evening . . . I'm really enjoying the work that's been done so far!" PH

• "Everything looks absolutely beautiful…The steps and walkway are fantastic…I simply love sitting on the deck and enjoying the view…" CC


• ”The landscaping is looking wonderful—looking out the windows is really a joy. Thanks!" MT


• "It was an absolute pleasure to know I invested in myself when everyone started to complain that their 401K's etc. declining. I have a beautiful environment that has given me a place to relax and decompress after work, as well as, a great place to garden wonderful place to entertain outdoors, all of which has wonderfully improved my lifestyle. I invested in landscape and now enjoy daily its calming and nourishing natural effects." MC

• Dear Phyllis: ” I keep forgetting to write to let you know how much we love our yard now that you and Steve have worked your magic. Great views from all the windows and so little upkeep for us! Even the rain has been cooperating the last few days. I can only say, we were lucky to have chosen you!” M and S