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Fisher Landscape Design & Consultation takes pride in being a part of the community and helping property owners with time tested and honored landscape and horticulture suggestions, finding solutions for their landscape, hardscape and outdoor living needs. Whether it is a back yard redesign, advice on fruit trees, a flowering ornamental to grow in this area, or a comprehensive design and installation of your properties landscape and hardscape, Fisher Landscape Design & Consultation 30+ years of experience provides the skilled horticulture help and guidance needed.

Advising and demonstrating how to successfully garden to enjoy and manage a new landscape is one of our specialties and starts with our very thorough and beneficial Landscape Evaluation.

“We always do more than is expected at Fisher Landscape Design and Consultation.” Stephen Fisher/Owner

Our Landscape Services

Fisher Landscape Design & Consultation knows that landscaping your property is an important decision and we want to make that decision a little easier by helping you understand the landscape process and the plethora of practical and creative landscape options we offer.

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Our Landscape Services:

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Landscape Consultation

Fisher Landscape Design & Consultation offers a thorough practical and aesthetic landscape evaluation. This helpful Landscape Consultation starts with a site visit, offering a listening ear to property owners concerns, needs and dreams regarding their property. Once we have established a rapport and understand our client requests, we move to offer our landscaper's extensive and helpful horticulture and gardening experience, as well as, our landscape designer’s valuable aesthetic suggestions in conjunction with an exchange of ideas.

Our clients have expressed this beneficial part of the landscape process along with its valuable information, gives an abundance of practical and creative suggestions helping homeowners comprehend the needs, potential and value of their property with greater understanding. You just might be amazed at what you will know about your property after our comprehensive landscape consultation.

Creative Ideas and Solutions!




Landscape Design

Fisher Landscape Design & Consultation offers Landscape Design as another advantageous element in our landscape process. Our landscape designs take into account the many concerns, questions and ideas that were raised during the landscape consultation and sets into action, the design or big picture course of action to find practical, aesthetic and visual solutions for the ideas being considered. We include our customers in this wonderful process because we recognize you know your needs best and we want to be aware of your thinking, as well as, what will work for you. We include several meetings at the landscape site to explain the design and development process and to get your feedback. During these helpful meetings we make available to you samples of plants, stone, and technical materials for consideration.

Landscape Design is an important and enjoyable part of our landscape process because we want you to have a successful gardening experience and enjoy your new outdoor living environment.

Practical and Aesthetically Pleasing




Landscape Installation

Fisher Landscape Design & Consultation Installation services offers expert horticultural planting of your new landscape and professional construction and or installing of your new hardscape. Whether the work is as delicate as planting an annual flower bed, or carefully placing a 2-ton boulder in just the right place, your landscape installation is very important to us so we do it right. Selecting the correct size plant in the correct location are important considerations so we always install premier plants installed by knowledgeable horticultural professionals and prepare the soil using healthy organic methods with guaranteed results.

Our goal is for you to enjoy safe and flourishing horticulture encounters so we take extra time to complete the installation correctly. As an added service to you, we provide care of your new landscape during the first month of installation, taking the time to show you how to care for your new plants to ensure and protect your investment.

In addition, all trained professionals that install the hardscaping: decks, stonework, water features or outdoor kitchen etc. are the best in their field and we will always offer technical support after your project is completed.

Another reason we take great pleasure in our completed landscapes, is our client appreciation.

Handsome Hardscapes




Landscape Maintenance

Fisher Landscape Design & Consultation Maintenance Services are a very important part of the landscaping process because proper maintenance establishes and continues the successful beautification and growth of your new landscape. We offer monthly and or quarterly landscape and gardening services, unparalleled tree services, custom pruning and organic plant care. To enrich your plants with healthy seasonal color, we fertilize with nontoxic sustainable nutrients, put out a variety of naturally occurring mulches and use biologically safe products. We offer unique valuable maintenance services and would be happy to discuss your needs and answer your questions. Because we are not just machine operators, we can create a gardening experience that accommodates the care you desire for your property and help make it work for you.

Fisher Landscape Design and Consultation has offered reliable and courteous landscape maintenance services for over 30 years.

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Special Services

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