Organic Products

Natural Matters uses the following products in our services, which we can special order for the do-it-your-selfer.

Fertrell – Soil building and conditioning

  • Fertrell is a biological plant food scientifically formulated to provide naturally “time-released” nutrients throughout the entire growing period.
  • Fertrell plant foods are a unique combination of products, which feed both plants and soil microorganisms.
  • Fertrell is a complete “specialty” plant food providing all the essential elements for soil management.
  • The Fertrell Company in Bainbridge, Pennsylvania, is a company with over 60 years of experience combining good science with original farming values.  They provide a range of blended natural and organic and OMRI-certified products from fertilizers and soil conditioners, to herbicides and pesticides, to animal nutrition, pre-mixes, supplements and inoculants. 

EM – Pro-biotics live beneficials

  • EM is an anaerobic pro-biotic fermentation of beneficial bacteria.
  • Sustainable Community Development, LLC (“SCD”), based in Kansas City, Missouri, is a company specializing in natural microbial-based products and services for human health and environmental sustainability.


ArbicoBeneficial organisms – (micro and macro)

  • Arbico-Organics specializes in sustainable environmental products where balance and cooperation with nature are strengthened, emphasizing organic farming inputs, bio-intensive pest controls, pro-environmental fertilizers, and preventative management.
  • Arbico offer all the supplies necessary for sustainable growing and boasts the most extensive list of beneficial insects and organisms in the world.
    • Arbico staff have spent the past twenty-six years traveling the globe and speaking to growers, both large and small, about ecosystem pest management and bio-balance.