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Fisher Landscape Design & Consultation helps you through the decision making process so that your new landscape, hardscape and or waterscape, fits your lifestyle, budget, and gardening experience. An incredible variety of plants thrive in North Florida because the panhandle is in a 24/7 growing zone. Something wonderful is growing here all year round.

Yes, flowers in the winter, fruit until January, green lush tropical like flora, water-loving and drought tolerant plants, woody ornamentals for sunny and shady locations, herbaceous flowering plants in the deep shade, and working natives. Truly a Horticulture Wonderland.

That's a gardener’s delight because there is always a living surprise to dress up our visual world each new day for 365 days. . .every spring, summer, fall, and all winter in North Florida.

Client Kudo: "I cannot tell you how much I love what has been done with my yard; it has been a total transformation. I absolutely love pulling into my driveway everyday and seeing the beautiful landscaping, pottery, flowers and overall happiness that exudes from my yard as a result of your ideas, hard work, creativity and kindness. And I cannot thank you enough . . . however, I can convey to you that I smile everyday when I look into my yard and when I am at home, I am always surrounded by beauty. For that gift, I will be grateful to you forever." Love, Mrs. P

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Landscape Features: Interacting with the natural world

Fisher Landscape Design & Consultation offers our clients a fusion of solutions to start enjoying the natural world from the comfort and convenience of their own property.

• Attract and Watch: Birds, Butterflies and Dragonflies are colorful, entertaining and delightful to watch. They are attracted to our deliberate plant selections and garden features plus they will set up home for your viewing pleasure.

• Enjoy Outdoor Entertaining: In a truly green space outdoor entertaining is wholesome and safe for the whole family. Everyone can enjoy the sensorial experiences of flower and plant fragrances, colorful and seasonal changes, bird life and their habits, and the plethora of edibles in this zone.

• Your Serenity Garden: We design gardens that help you to unwind and relax after a long work day, we design gardens to enjoy nature’s eye candy in every season, we design gardens to view with pleasure from indoors when gazing out your window, we design gardens that are botanical masterpieces all year long.

• Edible Gardening: We have 30+ years of Edible Gardening experience and can help you grow what does best in each season. We can help you grow herbs, fruit, berries, vegetables, flowers and many other wonderful surprises that are edible. And we do it completely organically.

Container Gardening: Take a look at our creative use of containers to bring beauty and charm to your villa, as well as, to function practically growing what you want, where it will do its best.

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