NATURAL MATTERS                                                             

Natural Landscaping Company

Organic Yard Care Company

An environmentally friendly approach to creating beautiful landscapes, lawns and gardens

  • Natural Matters provides services from start to finish of any outdoor project including land clearing, excavation, tree trimming, wood chipping, brush clearing, pond building, orchards, gardens, decks, fences, firewood, and more.
  • Natural Matters also focuses on soil work—rejuvenating the life in the soil and using natural organic materials to supply nutrient support systems (the infrastructure for beneficial bacteria), improve growing conditions, and allow natural controls to dominate. The basis of weed, insect, and disease control begins in the soil.
  • The primary lawn service is organic soil building and conditioning, which results in the fertilization of the plant. Feed the soil to feed the plant. The success of our services depends on a commitment to the ABCs of environmentally friendly yard care in order to allow natural controls to dominate: Avoiding chemicals, Building soil, and Care and Conditioning. We depend on an integrated approach to yard care.

Why we do what we do:

Natural Matters is a company built on a love for nature and working with it.  We operate on a simple philosophy of care and respect for the land.  This is considered in every step toward creating a harmonious landscape for humanity with the wisdom and beauty of mother nature.

Natural Matters lawn services set in motion a chain reaction of beneficial bio-processes which conventional fertilizers cannot duplicate.

There are many good reasons to choose non-toxic organic yard care:

  • If you have children or pet
    You know how important it is that they spend some time outdoors, rolling in the grass, running and playing in the yard.
  • If you grow edible herbs, fruits or vegetables
    Growing your edibles organically reduces the risk of toxic chemicals in our bodies.
  • If you have concern for wildlife
    Then you are aware of their shrinking natural habitat, realizing the impact that human activities, development, and habitation have on their ability to survive.
  • If you have concerns about the quality of our drinking water
    You know that our water supplies are being threatened by harmful chemicals in our waterways.


“Natural Matters is a company that cares about our needs as homeowners, as well as our environment. We have been using the Fertrell organic fertilizers for over 25 years in our garden, on our trees and yard with wonderful results.”
The Fishers

“Our yard looks great! I am a big believer in not pampering or “over-medicating” my yard, Natural Matters has been keeping it healthy for years without the use of chemicals and that is important to me! Thank you Natural Matters.”
Jeff Parker, Killearn

“After a steady improvement over these past three years our yard has never looked better! The grass really is greener on this side!”
R. Milinkcovich

“Our grass has never looked as good as it does this year. It has been a pleasure working with Natural Matters to get it in such good condition, knowing that we are improving the soil in a natural way and not harming the environment in any way.”
Lee and Audrey Rivers

“The flowers on the azaleas were gorgeous this year! This was the most beautiful show our shrubs have displayed since we moved in. Thanks for your service.”
Lynette Johnson, Golden Eagle

“I am very pleased with the progress we have made with our lawn since you began your treatments. The lawn was in very bad shape, and you cautioned us to be patient – in that we might not see significant results for quite a while. To our pleasant surprise, the improvement has been significant and quicker than anticipated. Thanks again for your help.”
Leonard Carson, Rose Hill